Chris Lilley

For fans of:Sarah Kay, Joshua Bennett, Langston Hughes, Rudy Fransisco, Sierra DeMulder

Christopher Lilley, a New York native, is a poet, spoken word artist, a singer and multi-instrumentalist, and a teaching artist. Chris has had the privilege of collaborating with Jasmine Mans and Rudy Fransisco, and has performed in several famed spaces such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and the Bowery Poetry Club, as well as in venues across the country. He seeks to begin community dialogues on topics that have been labeled as taboo or shameful, with a focus on bringing mental health awareness to black, Christian, and otherwise marginalized communities.

His writing most often reflects his love for God, his love for blackness, and his love for the hurting. He says that his writing seeks to encompass everything that he is in its entirety. When he is not writing, he teaches music and voice lessons in inner city schools. Chris is also part of True Voices, a spoken word poetry collective originating in New York City, that now spans the Eastern Seaboard. He is a member of the New York Chapter.

Chris is the author of The Quiet Way, as well as one chapbook entitled je suis noir [i am black], available now.