Naomi Sharp

Living Life With The Glass Half Full

Living Life With The Glass Half Full  by Naomi Sharp
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About the Book

Do you feel overwhelmed and that you are the only one who seems to receive all the challenges life has to offer? That you're alone, not knowing what to do next when life is not going the way you want it to go?

Is there a choice that needs to be made that could change your whole life?

Summary of what is in the book Living Life With The Glass Half Full is an inspiring true story of how Naomi Sharp choose to learn from life's adversity. Sharing her motivational story, Naomi traveled to Ireland, France and America to understand how to live a better, happier life, and to understand what it truly means to heal.

The story follows Naomi Sharp from her younger days causing mischief in nursery through to the frustration of being dyslexic in school. Leading up to her whole world being turned around with a profound realisation when she finished university that has helped to shape the life she lives today. In Living Life With The Glass Half Full Naomi Sharp's motivational and inspiring story shares facts of life that Naomi has picked up in her times of adversity.

Living Life With The Glass 1/2 Full provides a inspirational true story of how by changing your own perception on life by looking for the lessons to be learnt in the adversity, your life becomes filled with love, laughter, fun and joy. Then when the storm of adversity arrives you learn to flow through it with ease and enjoy the rainbow on the other side.

The adventure of life becomes an opportunity to use the lessons as stepping stones to help your dreams become your reality.

Provides ways for you to analyse your life's problems and turn them into positives with surprising ease. It opportunity to change your perception on current circumstances, so that you too can change your life into an inspiring story.

Bonus chapters include:

~Your glass and what fills it- How to always have plenty of energy each day to be able to do everything you want to.

~Time is very precious- Not letting time slip away and you ending up living with regret, have the time to be and do the things you love.

~Love to learn- Understand the truth behind how to learn and reignite your child like curiosity for life again.

~The seasons of your life- Learning about the different seasons of your life and getting the most out of them.

~Embracing change- Have more control of the change that occurs in your day, month, years and life.

~Saying goodbye- Become aware of the mental process we go through when we loose something/ someone and how not to become stuck.

~If you want your life to change start by changing a day- Start to dream again but most of all let each day be the next step to reaching those dreams.

~Final thoughts- Hope, fear, beauty and destiny and how these words can mean so much to each of us.

About the Author

Author Naomi Sharp began writing notes when she was 10 years old, always having a note book ready to jot down the next profound thought or idea. As Naomi Sharp grew older her writing began to develop even though through her teenage years the English language wasn't something she loved, as she found it difficult to put into words what she was thinking.

While Naomi Sharp was at university she took the opportunity to spend some time around people who could help her to understand how to turn her thoughts into words on the page. Giving Naomi the tools she needed so she could write what she was thinking and feeling. It was like the flood gates had opened, and Naomi Sharp began to each day write in her notebooks. But it wasn’t until 6 years on that Author Naomi Sharp would write her first non- fiction book Living Life With The Glass Half Full, where she shared her inspiring story of changing life's adversity into lessons learn't. No sooner had she finished that book she began to write her next book. Naomi had become inspired to write A Diary Of Dreams, her first fiction. Author Naomi Sharp describes the experience as "downloading a story, like a movie was playing in front of me and I was writing down what was happening moment by moment".

In 2015 Naomi Sharp had many incredible experiences working with people helping them transform their life through empowerment and rediscovering the incredible person they are. From all these experiences a process was revealed that Naomi had such profound results with, and felt inspired to share it with everyone, with the intention to help anyone around the world to no longer worry and live the life they desire, thus 40 Days Transforming Your Life was created.

Author Naomi Sharp continues to write as her passion grows to inspire people to heal, finding happiness and hope in their life. As she feels story telling is an incredible way to pass on wisdom and life's truths.

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