Nate Groshan

Reflections Along The Way, Vol. 1: The Pillars of Life on Earth

Reflections Along The Way, Vol. 1: The Pillars of Life on Earth by Nate Groshan
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For readers of:C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo
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Print Length68 pages
Publication DateNovember 2016
About the Book

Standing on top of a mountain in a lightning storm, I've watched the clouds part and blue sky appear over my head while thunder cracked and rain and hail continued pour down all around me. I’ve encountered demons and felt their power pulse through me to the point that I felt like my chest was going to explode. I’ve been led by an invisible presence to unknown locations and gained answers to questions I didn’t expect to receive.

The eye is in fact a window to the soul, and the voices of good and evil spirits never stop talking. Everyone is influenced by them; most of us are just unaware.

I’ve had visions flood me with sudden understanding, felt the sensation of a spirit leaving a lifeless body, and sensed human souls lingering in our world for a time before traveling on to their next destination. All these things I’ve experienced not because I sought them out but because I went searching for wisdom, peace, and love.

And, so far, my journey—unexpected as it may be—has been filled with an abundance of all three.

Growing up I was raised religious, but it was only when I started living the life I was meant to live and not the life I was expected to live that I truly became awakened to the spiritual realm that forms the foundation of our daily lives.

Reflections Along The Way isn't about me, but rather about what I've learned from these experiences and everything else that has shaped my life up to this point. To find out more about me and my writing visit

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