Neal Samudre

How to Start Your First Online Business

How to Start Your First Online Business by Neal Samudre
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About the Book

Many aspiring entrepreneurs can't start their online business because they overcomplicate the matter. But truth is, starting an online business doesn't have to be complicated.

Neal Samudre, the creator of, shares a quick and highly-actionable plan to help you start your online business without overcomplicating things.

This book is for you if you are someone who:

-Dreams of starting an online business.

-Is a creative who doesn't know how to monetize their online endeavor.

-Has an online business but is overwhelmed by it.

-Wants to learn practical ways to build a website, grow a quality email list, and start selling online.

-Takes starting a business too seriously.

-Wants to live a simpler life.

It's time to make both business and life simple again. Learn how to get started with your first online business.

About the Author

Neal Samudre is a writer, researcher, and storyteller on joy. After letting go of his successful business, he pursued a in-depth study on joy to discover how he could make joy a habit. He now shares his research and breakthroughs on

He lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Carly, and dog, Noble.

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