Pactum by Nicholas Taylor
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Epic Fantasy, Brandon Sanderson, Brian Rathbone, George R.R. Martin
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PublisherSomnium Press, LLC
About the Book

Society still finds itself reeling from magic coming out into the open. As the world comes to grips with the fact that old legends are true, Homicide Detective Alison Kaur still has a job to do. After the corpse of William Lanner is found, Alison must delve into the ugly world of prostitution, gangsters and murder. All while she and her partner deal with the dangers of Mages, Werewolves, Succubi and others. Will Alison be able to track down the killer of William Lanner? Or will she become a victim herself?

About the Author

Nicholas has had a love of fantasy for his whole life. He started his writing journey in 2007, and has been writing ever since. His debut novel Legon Awakening has moved over 150,000 copies. He strives to push himself in his writing finding inspiration from authors like Brandon Sanderson, Christopher Paolini and J.K. Rowling.