Nolan Recker

For fans of:Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Graham Cooke, Francis Chan

Nolan Recker is a child of God, son, husband, and father. He was four years old when the Internet launched (1990). He grew up in the south suburbs of Chicagoland and attended a Lutheran grade school. Then he was part of a Reformed church youth group in high school. After high school, Nolan attended Lincoln Christian University (which started out of the Restoration Movement).

After graduating with a degree in Spiritual Formation, Nolan doubted his ability to "spiritually form" people and God's intentions for his creation. He stuck to it and discovered deeper, higher, and wider truths about God's love and affection for his created children.

In 2013, Nolan became the pastor of a Central Illinois church and still leads them heading into 2016. He is also part of a Vineyard church plant in Bloomington, IL.

Nolan met Emma at LCU in 2013. They were married the same year. They welcomed their first child into the world in June 2015. His name is Zeke William Recker.