The Khalifa

Okey Eni

The Khalifa by Okey Eni
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For readers of:Stephen King, Johm Grisham, Robert Ludlum
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Print Length70
PublisherOkey Eni
Publication Date06-16-2016
About the Book

Democracy has been a long drawn out battle for most African states, fighting sit-tight military adventurers, who have held most African nations hostage. This play is all about reckless military incursion in politics and governance in Africa.

Democracy must be entrenched in Africa. Lasting and enduring democracy, that is the only way Africa can get out of the myriads of problems confronting her. This is a satirical play set in Banana Republic about military adventurism into governance in Africa.

About the Author

MR. Okey F. Eni was born on the 27th day of July 1966. He is a Lawyer and is in active legal practice. He started writing in the year 2000, and has written eighteen books at the last count. They are, four novels; namely Dreams. DMI1 and 2, Emma, The child prostitute. Eight books of poems, three books on women's right and three plays. Most of these books are unpublished and some of his poems have been published in journals and some anthologies. MR. Eni is married and live in Lagos Nigerian with his wife.

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The Khalifa by Okey Eni
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