Peter Doerfler

For fans of:A.A. Milne, Kate DiCamillo, Robert Louis Stevenson

Peter Doerfler was born in West Orange, NJ and spent his childhood at 30 Blaine Street in Millburn. There he spent many afternoons playing football and pretend war with his neighborhood friends and many evenings reading books and watching the '86 Mets. He loves stories and considers his first book, "One Tooth Tim & Pirate Jim" to be a mash-up of two of his favorites: "The Lord of the Rings" and "Winnie the Pooh," with Pooh Bear carrying the donkey's tale into the evil darkness of Mordor.Well, not quite. Actually, his work is an unintended attempt to channel the courage and peril of Tolkein alongside the gentleness and humor of Milne. The story began sitting on the pier of Salem, Ma., looking out at the tall ships and telling his then 3 year old son, Theo, a story about two made up pirates: One Tooth Tim and Pirate Jim. From there, the stories and characters kept coming until he found the strand to tie them together. Peter has since moved from the North Shore to Chester County, Pennsylvania, and he and his wife have added two more young pirates-in-the-making. He is currently a pastor at a local church and loves pizza, songwriting, storytelling, Jesus, the N.Y. Giants, shrimp and more shrimp.