Peta Jane Kayes

IN-TRO-SPECT - The Amazingly Simple Approach To Resolving Relationship Problems

IN-TRO-SPECT - The Amazingly Simple Approach To Resolving Relationship Problems by Peta Jane Kayes
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About the Book

Apply this amazingly simple problem-solving method to your relationship problems and begin seeing desirable results immediately. Gain the insights and attitude you need to have an extraordinary relationship full of empathy, love, and understanding.Use this as your go-to problem-solving method that you turn to when issues crop up in your relationship that threaten to undermine it. In this very short read discover one simple but extremely effective technique to not only resolve relationship issues but to build an extraordinary relationship.Give your relationship the gift of Introspection and start enjoying the immediate benefits it brings.

About the Author

Hi, intimate relationships are my passion and I am so grateful and extremely happy to be able to share my insights with you. Intimate relationships are like no other type of relationships – they demand so much more from us than we have been prepared to offer. No wonder we have so many problems navigating this area of our lives.My fervent desire is that by sharing our insights, our experiences with each other honestly and fervently we can end up doing a better job and enjoying fully all the wonderful benefits intimate relationships have to offer.I believe that no intimate relationship, married or not should be an ordinary experience for any of us – indeed our intimate relationships should result in extraordinary experiences.

I hope the resources I provide, including my own personal stories and experiences with my marriage, particularly as outlined in the Bikini Relationship Rescue book series, can help all of us have that kind of experience.

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