The Grief Maze

Peter Money

The Grief Maze by Peter Money
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For readers of:Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen
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About the Book

I've been thinking a lot about grief. I've had to work through my own. I've wrestled with the reality that grief is messy. It isn't linear like many might believe. And those that say time heals all wounds I politely say they are wrong. Yet I don't believe we ever get out of the 'maze of grief' either. I encourage you to read my thoughts and seek out the hope that though it feels like we never get out of the maze of grief, there is hope waiting for us just around the corner...

About the Author

Since beginning my writing journey with a devotional on Psalms 23 (found on NoiseTrade), my heart was stirred with one question: What if we could reflect as honestly as the psalmists do? What if we dare to be as honest with our emotions as the psalmists are? How would that change our relationship with our Creator? In all of my writings, I dare to ask the questions that few do. As you read my thoughts, hear the resounding answer from your Creator Who loves us and proclaims YOU ARE MINE.

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