Rachel Franklin

Resurrecting Freedom

Resurrecting Freedom by Rachel Franklin
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nonfiction Biographies, Religion
For readers of:Ann Voskamp, Annie Dillard, Barbara Brown Taylor
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Publication DateNovember 13, 2014
About the Book

Freedom has always had a hard road. Liberty remains a hard-won fight, but what if freedom lingers long if only we realize it must first resurrect? With poetry and allegory, Resurrecting Freedom shares the conundrum of looking for liberty. 'Freedom,' Rachel offers, 'is bright nor dull, light nor heavy. Each time, freedom is the depth of what is needed to reorient.' Her words will walk alongside you as you work through limits, hard places and questions. Rachel invites you to throw out assumptions and ask with her, and see. If freedom resurrects then it is never finished nor fully formed. You are never finished either.

***Bonus material includes three valuable freedom practices you can apply and benefit from in your everyday life.***

About the Author

In May of 2009, life seemed limitless when Rachel married her husband, John, under stained glass. 17 months later she spent a year within their home's four walls. Since then, autoimmune illnesses, constant pain and symptoms, prognoses, and protocols have tested the existence of Rachel's freedom. She is learning the direction of life leads her leaving sign posts able to support banner after banner of bringing liberty back to life. Each day Rachel questions constraints and fights to find freedom. Oftentimes, she does not live up to the previous sentence, but resolves to try again. She is not giving up on resurrecting freedom.

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