Ralph Nelson Willett

The Release (Chapters 1 & 2)

The Release (Chapters 1 & 2) by Ralph Nelson Willett
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fiction Fiction, Religion
For readers of:Christian Fiction, Lauren K. Denton, B K Dell, William Paul Young, Tim LaHaye
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About the Book

Carrie Rhodes has suffered a lifetime of abuse from the ones who should have loved her the most. Severely beaten and in pain, she must escape the violent rages of her boyfriend and the gang that wants her dead. On the run, Carrie is only two hours from Chicago when fate intervenes as her car breaks down in an unfamiliar town. Alone, vulnerable and with no hope remaining, she resigns herself to her inevitable death.

Hope returns in the form of an extraordinary man with dark secrets and an unusual occupation. For the first time, Carrie finds herself part of an extended family where love is unconditional and freely given. Peace touches her soul like the gentle waves of Lake Michigan that lap at her feet as she walks along its shores. It's peace like she has never felt before that gives her a new sense of wonder.

However, evil refuses to release its grip and darkness rages in many forms. Carrie rejects the light that is shining into her life as she declares that there is no God. Would a God let her go through the torment that has followed her from father to boyfriend to lover?

Can God’s love, shown through flawed people, be the path of escape from generations of violence and abuse? Can the prayer of a woman that Carrie doesn’t know point her life in a new direction? The generational curse must end. The chains must be broken. The slave must be set free. There must be a Release: Escape from Torment.

About the Author

Ralph Nelson Willett was born and raised in Western Michigan. He frequently uses this backdrop for many of his faith-based short stories and novellas. He brings readers along for an emotional ride through the lives of his characters, weaving the love of God throughout to give hope where all hope was lost. "I try to show how relationships can save lives. It's the loving touch of one soul to the next that demonstrates the Christian life." ~Ralph Nelson Willett





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