Jerremy A. Newsome

For fans of:Steve Burns, Paul Tudor Jones, Tony Robbins, Michael Thomsett, Robert Kiyosaki

Hi! My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome. I am 27 years old and has been professionally involved in the markets for over 6 years. I likes to focus and specialize on candlesticks, gaps, credit spreads, day trading and swing trading. I trade full time and I am happy to serve as the CEO and co-founder of . Thankfully, we have one of the fastest growing audiences and websites on the internet because we attacks the markets with an energy, exuberance and humor that is truly refreshing.

When I trade, I rarely uses indicators. When I do they are the 10,20,50 exponential moving average and the 100,200 simple moving average. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2009 with a Bachelors in business management and a minor in mass communication.

If you ever have any questions about trading, investing or finance, I would be thrilled to help with the best of my ability. I loves to teach, entertain and enrich! You can watch any of our classes, for free at For some hobbies, I've dabbled in the comedy world, I practice Brazilian jiu jitsu and I have a well versed taste in music and good beverages.