Richard Ayre

Minstrel's Bargain

Minstrel's Bargain by Richard Ayre
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:Horror and Sci-Fi, James Herbert, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Shaun Hutson
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About the Book

‘A tale of horror, hell and heavy metal.’Newcastle. 1988…. They say that music is the food of love. Reporter Phil Sturgess would disagree with this. He would argue that some music is the stuff of nightmares. Some music can literally tear out your soul and drag it, kicking and screaming, down to hell itself. When Sturgess hears of a band called Minstrel’s Bargain, his life descends into horror. As the city succumbs to ever more violent and macabre episodes of grisly murders and barbarous acts of self-destruction, Sturgess begins to understand that there is something very wrong with Minstrel's Bargain. Something very wrong indeed. With time running out for humanity, Sturgess is threatened with an age old evil. And to stop that evil he is forced to confront the terrifying stranger who has been dogging his footsteps for months. The only question is; will Sturgess do what needs to be done? If not, the souls of millions will be destroyed.

About the Author

Richard Ayre was born in Northumberland and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne where he continues to write horror fiction.At an impressionable age he fell in love with new wave Heavy Metal and rock music and at about the same time read his first James Herbert novel. The combination of these two magnificent things led him to write Minstrel's Bargain, a tale of music and horror. Minstrel's Bargain is the first novel in the Prophecy Trilogy. Richard has also written Minstrel's Renaissance, the second in the Prophecy Trilogy books, as well as Point of Contact, a sci-fi chiller, and A Hatful of Shadows, an anthology. When not writing, Richard can be found riding around the countryside on his motorcycle, Tanya.

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