Richard Moore

For fans of:Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, Allison Lurie

Richard Moore’s travel writing and essays have appeared in more

than two dozen national and regional publications, including

The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The New York Times,

The Washington Post, Charleston Magazine, The St. Petersburg

Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many more. He is

the author of the book January Thaw, and the forthcoming My

Dinners with Dusty.

In addition, Richard is a senior investigative reporter for, and

former editor of, The Lakeland Times in Minocqua, Wisconsin.

He is a contributing author to The Reform of State Legislatures

(University Press of America), which John Fund, then editorial

writer for The Wall Street Journal, called “an excellent report”

on changes in state legislatures.

Richard’s writing has also appeared in college texts (Social

Problems, edited by Stanley Eitzen, Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

Publishers). He is the author of How the DNR Stole Wisconsin

and The New Bossism.

Richard resides in northern Wisconsin with his wife, Lisa, and

loves remote camping—good hotels in far-away places, fine

restaurants, and SEC football.