Rick Barker / Wade Sutton

The $150,000 Music Degree

The $150,000 Music Degree by Rick Barker / Wade Sutton
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nonfiction Arts, Education
For readers of:Oprah Winfrey, Don Passman, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Bob Baker
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Print Length110 pages
PublisherRick Barker (Music Industry Blueprint), Wade Sutton (Rocket to the Stars)
Publication DateApril 29, 2014
About the Book

Former Taylor Swift manager and private consultant Rick Barker (Music Industry Blueprint) and longtime radio journalist / professional artist developer Wade Sutton (Rocket to the Stars) combine nearly 40 years of radio, marketing, public relations, and live performance instruction experience into one publication for artists seeking careers in commercial music. This book covers a wide array of subjects including: - When artists should consider hiring a manager - How to prepare for radio tours and interviews - The importance of PROPER live performance training - How to sell sponsorships for live shows and CD releases - Building fan bases through the use of e-mail marketing - How to go about hiring a booking agent - How artists can better communicate with the media - Information on hearing loss prevention for singers and musicians "The $150,000 Music Degree" also includes reprints of two of their most popular publications: Wade Sutton's "Why Bands Need To Stop Bitching About Venues" and Rick Barker's "Quit Bitching About Record Labels". This book is VITAL to all singers, musicians, bands, and managers looking to navigate the modern music industry without making many common mistakes that could doom your career before it even gets started. About the Authors Rick Barker, Music Industry Blueprint (www.MusicIndustryBlueprint.com) Rick Barker is looked upon as one of the music industry's best marketers and artist developers, having spent two years managing the day-to-day operations of superstar Taylor Swift. He also created the "Nashville To You" radio tour, which played a role in the early development of several acts, such as Little Big Town and Sugarland. Barker's impact on music extends to the industry's record labels. He was the first record promoter hired by Big Machine's Scott Borchetta, where he had a role in the label's first Number One record with singer-songwriter Jack Ingram. Barker later went on to found his own marketing and consulting firm, at which his first client was Sony Music Nashville. He is also the mastermind behind the Music Industry Blueprint, a development service now teaching artists from around the world everything they need to know about the complicated music business. His marketing strategies have since been featured in a number of publications, including Billboard Magazine. Wade Sutton, Rocket to the Stars (www.RockettotheStars.com) Rocket to the Stars creator and director Wade Sutton spent nearly two decades working as a radio journalist before founding one of the largest artist development competitions in the eastern United States in 2010. Since creating Rocket to the Stars, Wade has worked to help singers and bands around the world by teaching them how to better interact with the media and fans, helping them prepare for interviews, writing artist biographies and press releases, and assisting in the creation of their electronic press kits. He also serves as a live music producer, helping artists make their live performances more entertaining, resulting in those clients making more fans, increasing their e-mail subscriptions, and making more money. His articles on artist development have been read by people in more than twenty countries and have been shared by top music industry officials and voice instructors, marketing experts, radio stations, and bands. Wade is also a contributor to several websites, including Music Clout. Includes a forward by John Dwinell of Daredevil Production in Nashville and author of Amazon Best Seller "Music Marketing On Twitter: How To Get 1,000 Loyal Music Fans Every Month in Just 15 Minutes Per Day".

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