Ricky Maye

Barefoot Christianity: The Rough Road Ahead in the Life of a Jesus Follower

Barefoot Christianity: The Rough Road Ahead in the Life of a Jesus Follower by Ricky Maye
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Print Length150 Pages
PublisherRecycled Press
Publication Date9/25/12
About the Book

So what is Barefoot Christianity?

Barefoot Christianity is a movement, and most of us want to be a part of a movement. We may want to change the world, start revolutions and make an impact.

But what if the way to do it wasn't through that kind of movement? What if it was through a simpler kind of movement...?

What if to change the world, I didn't have to swim across the Atlantic, bike down the east coast or climb a mountain?

Maybe it all can start with a single step.

Join the discussion as Ricky takes us through a journey into the heart of what it means to be a Jesus follower. Ricky dives into areas as evangelism, discipleship and personal struggles. Using the word studies we've come to expect Ricky Maye will usher in comfort, conviction and ignition to spark your spiritual journey.

About the Author

Connect with Ricky on www.Facebook.com/therickymaye

Ricky Maye resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a widely sought after voice in communities of faith and human rights. Ricky speaks to listeners with his unique insight into Biblical language and history that will penetrate the hearts of everyone in attendance. His raw honesty and vulnerability will be sure to capture you.

For more information on Ricky visit www.rickymaye.com

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