Shared Node (Key to Me) (Fourth Manual Edit)

Robert Koyich

Shared Node (Key to Me) (Fourth Manual Edit) by Robert Koyich
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For readers of:Personal Journeys, Introspective Prose, New Thought
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Print Length160 pages
Publication DateDecember 30th, 2017
About the Book

From an Introversial network of time, rhyme, and place, the book Shared Node traces through a tapestry of thought. Brought forth as a compilation of rhymes in a style called flowetics, a young shoulsman takes us on a journey of obsessed fragments of prose.

Though not held entirely by his own accord, the weaving of 'the lyrics in the gourd' find some words from hoarded pages of text. Though not fully known what the meaning and purpose of the thoughtstreams are, a star or two fall from the sky into never quite knowing the reasons why.

Aligned with insight from writing to many different people, both known and not, the nature of the saga is carried with some shards of the plan and plot. Although there are some repeated units due to the restriction of what rhymes are available, a flow of words and syncopated craft has been staffed upon the shoreline to share the written lines with the signs left along the way.

We know not yet if the crumbs will see the light of day, yet the plumbing of the way might show and say that there has been much crafted since first saying "Forever and a day."

With rays to phase and amaze the right to write, the rite of the knight shall keep the sands of sleep from sight.

This book is a look into the shared and hidden view of how we know there is explicitly only ever going to be one of me, and only ever one of you.

About the Author

Robert's developed his authorship with the intent to provide. He is neurotic, obsessive, and persistent, and keeps active with his creative process also for his own clarity and sanity. His work is of the Introversial genre and banner and a core part of who he is.

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Shared Node (Key to Me) (Fourth Manual Edit) by Robert Koyich
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