Rochelle Richey

For fans of:Shawnda Patterson, Debbi Morgan, Lundy Bancroft

I've finally reached the beginning of the end of raging storms that have partnered with me for many years...escaping a tormented childhood that led to a dysfunctional development of teenage years, which concluded with an abusive marriage with a man I thought was the love of my life. I instantly became a single mom and was introduced to years of evictions, repossessions, illnesses. hardships and a bad choice in men. Through it all, I've learned humility, love, perseverance, happiness, forgiveness, loyalty and a great love for myself. Everything I went through made me who I am today." A Black Rose Thrived" will allow you to experience my highs, my lows, my pain and my growth. I decided to write my story because I realized that this was a major part of the healing process that was missing. It started as a journal and turned into a memoir. I now understand that this testimony isn't just for me but exclusively assigned from God for someone else.

The Black Rose symbolizes pain,hurt, sorrow and death...a physical death and or spiritual death. It also symbolizes strength, courage and resistance... all of which are excerpts of my life. As you read my story, you will encounter moments of intensified emotion, raw drama and intriguing suspense. You will be introduced to a young girl who holds the weight of her parents dysfunctional, mental, physical and drug abused relationship on her shoulders which in turns follows her throughout her life. This memoir is written in excerpts because that's just what they are...excerpts pulled from different segments of my life. It's written in an interesting chronological time line order of events. My hope is that you will be encouraged, challenged and informed on issues that you may have experienced, never encountered or may have questioned. This is my Story. This is my truth.