Roy Sheppard

How to be a Cool Guy: increase confidence, win respect, new friends & attract opportunities.

How to be a Cool Guy: increase confidence, win respect, new friends & attract opportunities. by Roy Sheppard
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For readers of:nonfiction and self-improvement, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Wayne Dyer
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Print Length18,000 words
PublisherCentre Publishing
Publication Date12th September 2017
About the Book

Stress, anxiety and even depression afflict hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Genuinely cool guys (as opposed to the fake ones) experience the same pressures but, either by accident or design, they have developed strategies to manage on-going pressure. They have mental and emotional strength and the ability to bounce back when faced with adversity. These resilience techniques can be learned. This book shows you how.

Succinct and practical, How to be a Cool Guy” includes:

  • what cool guys DO, that uncool guys DON'T;
  • how to develop the cool guy mind-set for genuine self-confidence (not arrogance);
  • the secret ingredient for inner physical, mental and emotional strength so you can remain cool under stress;
  • cool communication skills that earn respect and generate career opportunities.
  • The myths of cool
  • The benefits of being cool
  • Are you one of those guys who just THINK you’re cool? The telltale signs so you don't come across as an uncool jerk.
  • How you can learn to be cool
  • The different types of cool.
  • The Absolute Basics of ‘coolness’
  • Why ‘nice’ is never cool
  • Managing your man energy
  • Developing physical, mental and emotional strength
  • How you deal with a crisis and improve your resilience
About the Author

A featured author on CNN and a guest contributor on BBC national radio and TV in the UK countless times. His YouTube channel has nearly 1 million video views.

As a specialist conference facilitator and speaker he works with many of the world's largest and most prestigious organisations. http://www.Facilitator.Expert

An early career as a BBC reporter and presenter on network radio and TV in the UK.

Had a book published by one of the world's largest publishers in the mid-1990's. They made such a mess of it, I decided I could do better myself. So I created Centre Publishing. My first self-published book (now out of print) was "Your Personal Survival Guide to the 21st Century" The average sales for such a genre is about 5,000 copies. It sold 13,000. My next book Rapid Result Referrals sold about 22,000 copies.

In 2007 I co-wrote a controversial book with Mary T Cleary, the founder of, an Irish charity set up to help innocent men who become the victims of horrendous domestic abuse. A taboo topic. This book has helped thousands of innocent men and women. The media refused point blank to have anything to do with a book called "That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent". For America we changed the title to the more politically correct "Venus: The Dark Side". Still no publicity. They are EXACTLY the same book.

After a few years, I really needed to write about a more uplifting topic though and turned my attention to kind, loving relationships. I wrote "How to be The One" - its premise is; rather than being obsessed about finding 'the one', it asked the question "If you met 'the one' how confident would you be that they would regard you as 'the one' for them?" The book looks at how to be a far more appealing person, first to yourself, then to others. Getting yourself 'ready' for the time you meet that special person. It's about being a better girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. Sort of personal development for relationships. It's different approach to the subject led to a double page spread in the UK's largest circulation women's magazine YOU - part of The Mail on Sunday. also featured it and it picked up many detailed articles in a lot of national magazines.

The eBook version is called "How to be LOVED: from dating to mating"

More recently I wrote two life-guides for teens and twenty-somethings books. One is for all 15-25 year guys, the other is for all 15-25 year women. Called Dear Son: what I wish I'd known at your age and Dear Daughter: what I wish I'd known at your age (which includes interviews about life by a group of amazing women).

These books are designed to provide all young people with practical, no-nonsense advice on a variety of topics. And provide a platform for more meaningful conversations with parents. They have been turned into eBooks with different titles.

"All About You" is for girls

"SEX MONEY POWER" for guys.

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