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A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide to Internet Marketing: The Building Blocks for succeeding with Marketing on the Web

A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide to Internet Marketing: The Building Blocks for succeeding with Marketing on the Web by Ryan Yung
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Publication Date8/31/2013
About the Book

If you’re reading this eBook, chances are you’re either a marketing professional or a business owner who understands the relevance of Internet Marketing in today’s competitive business landscape. You understand that traditional marketing methods are now becoming obsolete and expensive, and you know that by neglecting to market your business on the web, you’re totally missing out on powerful results that an effective Internet Marketing strategy can afford.

Regardless of your business’ size and industry, this eBook can serve as your go-to guide for setting up and implementing a successful Internet Marketing strategy. From establishing your SEO keyword to leveraging your social media, this eBook will guide you to every aspect of Internet Marketing.

About the Author

As the Founder of Innonline Solution Ryan Yung advises businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, internet marketers and nonprofits on how to have a greater exposure online and maximizing their online exposure.

Ryan founded Innonline Solution on September 2012, and had been offering Web Design & Development services for the following months and had further expanded his services to marketing advices and as well as providing internet marketing services.

Born in Brunei Darussalam, Ryan Yung spent 4 years in Malaysia, to get a Degree in Games Technology, where he enjoys playing game – even now! Spend most of his day eating and working out to maintain his weight due to his excessive, uncontrollable hunger. He enjoys writing and as well as reading on his free time to expand his knowledge in an ever-challenging and constant changing field – The Internet.

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