Salman Shariff

The Aim of Unknowns (Dragoncry Book 1)

The Aim of Unknowns (Dragoncry Book 1) by Salman Shariff
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fiction Comic, Fantasy
For readers of:Game of Thrones, J.R.R. Tolkien, Harry Potter, George R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson
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Publication DateDec 21, 2015
About the Book


It is a fantasy series where the reader plays the role of historian putting together the pieces to determine why and how Cry City was destroyed.

It chronicles the accounts of Taea, an impressionable girl who matures into a role that could fulfill a destiny ending all conflict. Will her fate bring the dragons back? Will there be another Age of Dragons?

This series is a unique experience that combines war, politics, philosophy, archaeology, sociology, and cryptanalysis.

"A refreshingly dark fairy tale."

About the Author

Salman Shariff writes books on Finance and Fantasy.

His Finance books come from a background of being a Hedge Fund Manager. He offers tools the everyday person can use to go toe-to-toe with the mega-giants of the finance industry.

His Fantasy books are products from a desire to read the books that he couldn't find. So he wrote them.

He writes some alternative health books also because he's fed up with the health care industry looking at the bottom line instead of the patient.

His site:

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