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The Grove Health Science Series:Book 4

 The Grove Health Science Series:Book 4 by Sari Grove
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For readers of:Oliver Sacks, Michael Crichton, Dr. Seuss
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Publication DateJune 21, 2014
About the Book

Brain parts are further examined & an attempt is made to simplify the brain part to synchronize with the 11 body parts in our chart(Grove Body Part Chart)...The assumption is that there are 22 brain parts that PAIR...The pairing should be in the Minus Plus format...So each paired couple of brain parts should have Minus & Plus designations...Female & Male possibly...This should straighten out some of the complexity of brain surgery for neurosurgeons...(& DIY Neurosurgeons LOL!!!)The bulk of the book will be based on stories people tell the author about medical successes for weird things or weird cures for normal things...Sari Grove's art work makes the book much less technical & much more poetic with soul...Big part of this Book 4 Now! Sari's discoveries about breast cancer, her 3 part "cure" protocol, & her DIY Mammogram technique & Macro Ruler idea for digital photos to measure lump shrinkage progress over time & document it...Book 4 of the Grove Health Science Series sits on the shoulders of Books 1, 2, & 3, so read those first please...The Brain parts are further examined & an attempt is made to simplify the brain part to synchronize with the 11 body parts in our chart(Grove Body Part Chart)...The assumption is that there are 22 brain parts that PAIR...The pairing should be in the Minus Plus format...So each paired couple of brain parts should have Minus & Plus designations...Female & Male possibly...This should straighten out some of the complexity of brain surgery for neurosurgeons...(& DIY Neurosurgeons LOL!!!)Our Polypathic theory of Cancer includes all 3 prevailing theories: Parasitic, Viral & Hormonal...Thus we recommend a 3 pronged attack on Cancer...Anti-parasitic, Rebalance the Hormones, & Cure the Viral Infection...It appears that cancers develop from a slow progression of all 3 states...First a hormonal imbalance...Then you attract parasites...Finally you get a viral problem that becomes an infection...End of those 3 stages is you get some sort of a lump or stone or cyst somewhere, that is composed of 3 layers...The hormone layer, the parasite layer & the viral layer with possible infection...So your attack has to attack all 3 layers...Using our Chart(see Book 1 Grove Body Part Chart), & using our knowledge gained from Book 2(Do it Yourself medicine), as well as attempts & research from Book 3 (AlgaeRhythm, Algae-Rhyme), we get to the bottom of cancer...Still on the DIY path...Book 1 of the Grove health Science Series is called-Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts InnovationBook 2 of the Grove Health Science Series is called: Do It Yourself Medicine:A Repair ManualBook 3 of the Grove Health Science Series is called: Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation AppBook 4 is this book which is called:Grove Health Science Series:Book 4These books were co-authored by Joseph & Sari Grove...

About the Author

Correction Notice:I found a mistake that runs through all my books!!! Here it is...Anywhere you see the word "SULPHUR" please substitute the word "SUGAR"...This is not a typographical error...This was me, looking for a molecule that represented sugar on the Periodic Table, & choosing to use Sulphur, because I knew it involved blood sugar, but somehow was blinded in my rush to build the chart, in my excitement, neglected to remember that Sulphur lowers blood sugar-exactly the opposite of what I said it does, in all my books...This is why Joseph's pet name for me is "Moron"...It happens...I am, apparently, human...Please forgive me...(Someone once said: "Be careful of health books, you could die of a typo...")

Interview with Sari Grove

What do your fans mean to you?Fans? That's a new concept for me...Ok, well...Once a very good friend told me I was her hero...She had gotten married young & had children & a mortgage & responsibilities, well, I, was still wild & crazy & living free...Truth is I didn't know any better...I was still trying to figure things out & felt that I certainly wasn't good enough until I did...I needed to have some sort of career & self-respect before I could hitch my ride to someone else...But women liked me for the way I had somehow evaded the inevitable...Wait this is not what you were asking was it? Fans...People who like me I like them right back...I need & love support...As an artist, I have a soft underbelly...I think it comes with the job...You can't care deeply & be hard at the same time...Fans...Yeah I need fans...All those years of trying to formulate medical ideas, all those years of sounding like a lunatic-that's when I needed fans the most...Turns out I married my biggest fan...A guy, a man, who lets me be free, but married at the same time...We didn't have children though...Possibly a big regret, possibly a big relief...I am told parenting comes with much cleaning...I am a messy person, so have concluded that perhaps parenting would not have been right for me either...On the other hand, with this book, Grove Body Part Chart:A medical Arts Innovation, it's like I am an uberparent...Theoretically I could be teaching millions of people how to save their own lives...

That's a whole lot of parenting, just on a bigger scale...

Phew...Next question?

What are you working on next?Oh Lord! That's a big question...Honestly? Gorgeousness first...Been sitting around in my bathrobe drinking tea or coffee while trying to edit this book...My gorgeousity has suffered...Need to get some fresh air, some exercise...Spiffy myself up a bit...Reconnect with the husband...I feed Trumpeter swans from November to April...That takes up much of the next 6 months...Connecting with them each winter allows me time to regroup...Regroup my brain...In terms of a work project, ask me again when winter is done & the swans have spoken...We'll see how it goes...Who are your favorite authors?It sounds so trite, but I really did enjoy Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead when I was just a blonde pile of jelly...My brother gave me Kurt Vonnegut books...Later he gave me Milan Kundera books...Much later he gave me Tom Robbins books...My brother, who is 6 years older than me, has tended to be the culture bringer...Ok Stephen King books & later Anne Rice books were my own choices...Why is horror so well written? I guess my favorite author is Michael Crichton...I think I have read all his books, though I cheated a bit on the non science fiction ones...The New Testament changed my life...That's a GOOD book! (I like the Old Testament too, don't get me wrong, but I knew that one already growing up...)What inspires you to get out of bed each day?Mostly just the thought of a giant cup of strong tea with milk & maybe a sweetener...Also because I have to pee...When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?Thinking, eating, sleeping, taking baths, cleaning out litter boxes, looking at myself, reading facebook & twitter &blogs, making art, walking very far, talking to strangers & patting their dogs...I used to run but now I am afraid that running too much will make me old faster...At 47 years old I fear aging...Half my life was driven by sex, I fear if I lose my sex drive I will have no drive at all?How do you discover the ebooks you read?I have an art biz coach who suggests things to read...Mostly work related...But work is my life so that works...Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?No but I remember the first story my brother wrote...It was brilliant...Science fiction...A man enters a painting...He is in a store staring at a painting & he enters it somehow...Opens his eyes & he is inside the work...On a planet...Very close to a giant hole...The ground is like ice but cuts his feet...He walks in a shuffle walk, like a duck, so he doesn't cut his feet...It was cold...It goes on...I remember thinking that my brother was a genius...I still think that about him...What is your writing process?I'm not really a writer...I'm more of a thinker...I think things that are important, that I think are important, then I spend as little time as possible somehow getting them out of my head & onto somewhere more physically reachable...My goal is to convey that content into your head...Probably my failing is that I don't spend enough time on foreplay...I just want the reader to get the point & I don't take them out for a nice dinner beforehand...I could work on that...Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?Started reading when I was just a beanpod...reading was my best friend...My first readings were all cereal boxes...I wondered at what Niacin was...Potassium...Ingredient lists...Then the newspaper...Globe & Mail usually...Later the only reading I could find at our cottage were old Playboy magazines...Ok it was not the only reading...I loved reading the questions & answers by the centrefold girls...I loved how stupid they were...It confirmed to me that only stupid women would get naked for money...I read Jaws, then the Other Side of Midnight, then Star Wars before it was a movie...Those were early reads that made a big impact...How do you approach cover design?Ahhh...Wow! Ok...Well I was trying to make a movie...So I used a 2d animation program & hand drew each cell & made an animated film of my medical ideas...But it wasn't good enough for me...So I discovered Blender 3d animation software...This could make a better movie...I set out to make a better movie...Turns out Blender is like the hardest steepest most difficult did I say hardest, thing to learn...I did learn Blender...Not ALL of Blender, no one can...It was 6 months in to learning this program that I decided that a movie might be too difficult...So I made a book instead...Used the stills from Blender as the artwork...The cover image is a completely created in Blender image...It looks like a photograph...But it is actually a still of an animation where liquid is pouring into a glass...What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?Putting the book on my website as a pdf embed & letting people read it for free...So far 2 thousand & twenty people have read my book...If I had sat on my thumbs & waited for each book to sell, not even ten years from now would I have had so many people already read my ideas...

This is just after a few months...

Update:Last time I checked 22K people had read my books just from the Scribd site...(I have them in a bunch of places for easy access)...Tues. Aug 18, 2015 Sari Grove

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