Scott Troy Kovarik

Prophecy of the Seven Bottles

Prophecy of the Seven Bottles by Scott Troy Kovarik
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fiction Fiction, Religion
For readers of:Don Miguel Ruiz, Paul Coelho, James Redfield, Dan Brown, Paramahansa Yogananda
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Print Length347
PublisherHigher Plane Publishing
Publication Date10/4/14
About the Book

PROPHECY OF THE SEVEN BOTTLES – A mystical metaphysical thriller!

There is a secret so powerful it makes the Holy Grail look like a Dixie cup. Avery Cole found it, and now they will do anything to stop him…

The date is 1985. Computer intern Avery Cole is abducted on a dark Seattle highway and awakens in his car holding a strange device. In 2005 he hooks it to the Internet and discovers something startling: this device is executing a program.

As the mysterious hardware analyzes the world’s digital data, the true meaning of scriptures, legends and prophecies, are revealed: A rogue planet on the fringes of our solar system threatens to unleash untold destruction upon earth, but the cyber-guru offers a solution: the Internet and an ancient wisdom may hold they key.

Cole returns to a California beach seeking closure on his past. Obeying a bizarre vision, he launches seven bottles into the sea when he meets social media ninja, Madi Blake, the attractive new occupant of the beach home he once shared with his dysfunctional, deceased father. As the two follow the signs, they are set on a wild cosmic agenda to expose the answer that could help save humanity, and elevate those prepared to the level of god-status.

Will dark forces intent on holding on to power stop them? What are Avery, Madi, and this alien device’s shocking connection to Jesus Christ, extraterrestrials, and a dark church secret? If you found a bottle would you heed the wisdom of its message and survive…the Prophecy of the Seven Bottles?

This story illuminates the challenge of finding spiritual meaning in an out-of-balance materialistic society, when suddenly it becomes a necessity to survive. It underscores how computers might soon help us answer even the ultimate questions of our own existence. The story also provides a realistic preview of what these answers–and our future–might look like, based on a thoughtful and creative examination of available scripture, prophecy, legend, science, spiritual wisdom, and mystical teachings. You will be set out on a fantastic, modern spiritual journey that covers the entire human saga, from beginning to end, to beginning again, realistic, and all-too possible. Prepare to laugh, cry, and reach soaring highs through deep insights, thrilling connections, and goose-bump-raising twists and turns.

Readers who enjoy contemporary supernatural, metaphysical, fantasy genres and books such as Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior, will love Prophecy of the Seven Bottles. Elements of this book are based on the peerless teachings of legendary Indian mystic Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the groundbreaking 1946 spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, which opened the eyes and hearts of millions to the oldest and most comprehensive spiritual science on earth.

Genre: Metaphysical supernatural thriller adventure novel with elements of mystery, suspense, paranormal, alternative history, science fact and fiction, fantasy, conspiracy, apocalyptic, contemporary romance, and humor themes that might appeal to young adult, young adult fantasy, young adult thriller audiences. Stylish, colorfully written prose will also appeal to more sophisticated fans of literary fiction.

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About the Author

Scott Troy Kovarik is a musician, writer, and spiritual/self-help expert. Scott’s music has been featured on film and television with thousands of downloads worldwide. His new fiction book, “Prophecy of the Seven Bottles,” is a spellbinding adventure novel based on ancient prophecy, and Scott’s more than thirty-years of research and experience in the fields of self-improvement, meditation, and mystical teachings. Scott also works in the medical industry as a wellness advisor and is a practitioner of the ancient spiritual science of Kriya Yoga. He has a B.S. in political science, is married and resides in Willoughby, Ohio. - See more at:

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