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The Independent Artist's Guide to Exceptional Income

The Independent Artist's Guide to Exceptional Income by Kyle Williams
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For readers of:Bob Baker, Robert Greene, Napoleon Hill
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About the Book


This simple and easy-to-listen-to guide will show you why now is a better time than ever to make more money with music even if you hate marketing and business.

Let me show you what I've learned from working with independent artists making a full-time living in music without a major label...

In this Audiobook You Will Discover How To...

  • Get Fans to Pay for Your Music - Piracy is old fashioned and a new age of independent artists are out there making great income from their fans. I know because I’ve worked with them. Learn their secrets on why fans pay for music when they could just get it for free.
  • Find More Time For Music - Being an independent artist is time consuming. With all the things you have to manage, even if you have a team, there is a lot on your plate from booking, practicing, rehearsing, recording, writing, Facebook, and on. I’m going to show you little known secrets and techniques of the world’s top performing individuals that will DOUBLE the time you have to work on what you really love – the music.
  • Build a Bigger, Better Fan-Base - People not coming to shows? Fan-base not growing? Learn the biggest reasons why every artist screws this up and how you can avoid it. Hint: The process is super simple. Sure, there’s competition for ears, but with this audiobook you’ll be one of the few musicians who “get it”.

Learn About the Full-Time Independent Artists Using This Formula...

"I pay for my day to day life by having monthly fan subscribers on my website. I basically have this core group of fans who give me money every month...It changed my life to have monthly income. It was enough to live off of and not have to worry every month. It just gave me all of this space to create something really amazing.

The Impossible Girl - Kim Boekbinder, Full-time Independent Artist

"Too many musicians need that safety net of the day job where they just are too afraid to quit because they won’t know how to pay their bills, but [quitting my job] was the best thing that I did because it forced me to figure it out.

Ari Herstand, Full-time Independent Artist

"You can’t just do the music...once you do have all your ducks in order and the more opportunities that come and the bigger that you get you’ll be able to bring on people. You’ll bring on a booking agent, you’ll be able to bring on a manager, publicist, and pretty soon all you’ll have to worry about is music because you have people who are on a team with you who can do all the other stuff.

Joy Ike, Full-time Independent Artist

"I don’t think it’s possible to avoid uncertainty. It’s inevitable. The only way to approach it is to make it workable...goals should push you into areas that may be a little uncomfortable and not familiar.”

Kodomo (Chris Child), Full-time Electronic Artist/Producer/Composer

"I don’t doubt that I’m a lifer with music now, and I don’t doubt that I’m going to continue to do stuff that I really enjoy, and respect, and love...I also really feel like I have a very strong sense of what’s working and what’s not working.

Cindertalk (Jonny Rodgers), Full-Time independent artist

Here's what's in the audiobook...

+ Introduction

Get the low down on the independent artists that are succeeding in today’s music industry and the formula that they are using to build more fans and make more money with music.

+ Chapter 1 - Understand Your Opportunity

Sure, we all know that the music industry has changed, but most musicians don’t understand that it’s actually changed for the better. Learn why every musician now has the chance to make exceptional income as an independent artist.

+ Chapter 2 - Take Control of Your Time

I’ll bet it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that you want OR need to do. I’ll cover the most advanced time management strategies that will give you more time to work on your music and your career. I’m not talking about some silly To-Do list, I’m talking about the strategies of the most high-performing individuals on the globe.

+ Chapter 3 - Learn New and Uncomfortable Skills

You might not feel like you were born to handle the business end of the music business, but I’ll show you how creative artists out there in the trenches are taking control of their careers and handling the crummy business stuff all without “selling out” or sacrificing artistry.

+ Chapter 4 - The Secret Steps to Exceptional Income

Learn about the exact skills and things you’ll need to have in place to truly succeed in the music industry even if you hate business, marketing, and sales.

About the Author

Kyle is a musician, music marketing educator, and the host of the Seeds of Music podcast for independent artists.

After 90+ episodes Kyle has interviewed countless successful independent musicians and music industry pros to talk about ways in which to build a bigger fan-base and make more money with music.

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