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Coming Clean|Austin Outtakes

Coming Clean|Austin Outtakes by Seth Haines
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About the Book

In the Summer of 2013, Seth Haines and a group of friends from across the country gathered for a conference in Austin, Texas. Opting against the bourgeois trappings of single rooms at the conference-recommended hotel, the group split room and board at an Austin house situated at 1900 David Street. There, they gathered under the roof of that spacious house, under the broad-shouldered and gnarled Spanish oak that protected the far corner of the porch. The house came to be called “The David House,” but Seth found it a halfway house of sorts—the house where he entered fully dependent on alcohol, but left in the newness of a shaky sobriety.

The folks at The David House played a direct role in the birth of Seth's sobriety, as detailed in his recently released book Coming Clean: A Story of Faith. This eBook, Coming Clean|Austin Outtakes, tells the story of the weekend from a different perspective--the perspective of the friends The David House. Read along, as they unpack The David House, lead you through their experiences of the weekend, and write of their interactions with Seth as he came clean.

About the Author

Seth Haines is an author and attorney, who has experienced firsthand the grace that comes from a God who lives in mystery. Seth and his wife, author Amber Haines, live in Northwest Arkansas with their four sons. He writes about faith, creativity, marriage, and culture at His first book, Coming Clean:A Story of Faith, was published by Zondervan in 2015.

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