Seye Kuyinu

Good Morning: How To Hack Your Morning And Win The Rest Of Your Day

Good Morning: How To Hack Your Morning And Win The Rest Of Your Day by Seye Kuyinu
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For readers of:Michael Hyatt, Vishen Lakhiani, Tim Ferris
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Publication DateApril 10, 2018
About the Book

This book will take you through the practical steps to boosting your motivation everyday. In the case where you don’t even have anything whatsoever to look up to, following some of these steps will put you in a vantage position to follow those things that you love. It always starts from somewhere. I hope it starts from this for you. I decided to put this book together not as a step 1 - do this, step two - do that. But instead, I help you understand the physiology or psychology(whichever applies) why key principles work.

I am very proud of the knowledge I have accumulated in this topic through practice and I am willing and interested to go into even more advanced details through private consultations. Most of what I write about here are techniques and tips I learned from great minds like Benjamin P. Hardy, Arianna Huffington, Vishen Lakhiani, James Kwik and Laura Silva.

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