"O" by Shyft VahtiDahl
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:George RR Martin, Robert Heinlein, Michael Moorcock, L. Sprague de Camp, T. H. White
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About the Book

"O" is a farm girl from a medieval town just east of one of the great ivory walls that divide the lands of her world. "Chi" is the son of hunters and her best friend. Ob Harpist is a magician from a foreign land. Despite the warnings passed down through generations, the two young people accept the magician's proposition and join him in his travels beyond the wall. Those that guard the walls punish actions such as this by death, but they miraculously survive. The soldiers of the walls hunt them, but they continue to escape. What begins as an adventure toward the edge of the world is upset as they begin to learn that the law of the walls is not as simple as they had thought, nor are its enforcers or the world itself. All of their old beliefs are shattered, they are hardened, and they discover their purpose.

This is a story full of magic, sword fighting, suspense, and wonder, but it is about reckless adventurers, compassionate politicians, and warrior-philosophers. It's great conflicts are physical. It's greater conflicts are psychological, ethical, and political. It's world and use of matter/energy conversion are fantastical, but it's issues are very real.

About the Author

Shyft VahtiDahl is an independent writer and musician since 2004, born in Stillwater, Minnesota in 1988. In 2008 he founded Shyfted Minds Records, producing mainly melodic tunes in the styles of Dutch nu-gabber, progressive metal, and avant-garde. He classifies his story writing as speculative fiction, and writes on topics of philosophy and psychology in his blog, primarily focusing on ethics and cognitive-behavioral technique.

The purpose of Shyft's writing style is to plant serious psychological and philosophical issues in to wondrous and awesome situations so that a deep bond between critical thinking and emotion can be made. His stories are not about academic subjects, how ever; they are about characters each struggling with their own existential crises. They are about characters who are forced to observe the ultimate ambiguity and absurdity of living and try to make sense of it all without losing their capacity for love and wonder.

Aside from artistic endeavors, Shyft is a life-long student of philosophy, psychology, and the martial arts, who, not unlike Robert Heinlein, fancies a good discussion about polyamory and solipsism.

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