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Sun on the Rocks - The Outdoor Shower

Sun on the Rocks - The Outdoor Shower by Somers Isle & Loveshade
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fiction Humor, Suspense
For readers of:banana humor, Pink Panther, Decameron, social parody, realistic Charlie's Angels
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About the Book

After a naked lawn party during clothing optional day, Stevenson Garden Products Malibu teleoperator Clarity Nice agrees with her friend Cynthia Stevenson, daughter of company owner Bill Stevenson, to build an outdoor shower on company lawn, in order to bring publicity for the company. Bypassing the head of human resources at Stevenson, Brock Cheevers, Clarity finds out that the municipality of Malibu prohibits the use of a shower on any company garden lawn, and that it has assigned officer Packwood and his nephew Avery to the 'Stevenson shower' case.

When the outdoor shower faucet is closed by Packwood, Clarity decides to build a shower inside the premises of Stevenson, near the rooftop pool of the company, so that employees can relax after a rough day's work. To pay for the expense, Clarity uses Cynthia's power of attorney which allows her to charge and spend company money when her father is away on a trip. Learning that Stevenson sales have dropped and looking for new job opportunities inside the company, Clarity decides to purchase a shower patent using company money savings, in order to boost sales by establishing a new shower division at Stevenson. Without any official document backing her, she uses the funds available to pay for the patent, knowing that her initiative may mean that she is out of a job.

With a new patent in her hands, Clarity sets out to sell a number of showers at a Las Vegas bathroom and accessories exhibit, in order to refund Stevenson's money, borrowed to buy the patent, and also to avoid being fired by the owner of the garden company himself, Mr. Stevenson, for having used company funds without authorization.

About the Author

I write Banana humor, breezy, rewarding, sound, and easy to peel, like the fruit. Clocked 1,000,000 words of fiction. Ebooks I offer are written by me, I publish as Somers Isle & Loveshade.

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