Stephanie May Wilson

The Lipstick Gospel: A story about finding God in heartbreak, the Sistine Chapel, and the perfect cappuccino.

The Lipstick Gospel: A story about finding God in heartbreak, the Sistine Chapel, and the perfect cappuccino. by Stephanie May Wilson
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nonfiction Biographies, Religion
For readers of:Shauna Niequist, Elizabeth Gilbert, Donald Miller, Jen Hatmaker, Annie Downs
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Print Length130
PublisherFor Every Story
Publication DateNovember 10, 2014
About the Book

Have you ever laid in bed at night wondering why your life doesn't feel like you always hoped it would? Have you ever wondered if God has more for your life than what you’re currently living?

That’s where sorority girl, Stephanie May Wilson found herself when she finally decided to give up.

Inspired by a broken heart and a wicked hangover, Wilson threw in the towel on the life she'd been living and packed her bags for a pilgrimage across three continents.

Armed with a well-worn copy of Eat Pray Love, Wilson knew this was her chance to become the woman she’d always wanted to be.

In the perfect cappuccino and the Sistine Chapel, on cobblestone streets and in the slums of Costa Rica, in piles of spaghetti and dangerous escapades through the African bush, Wilson found a path she’d never considered to the life she’d always wanted to live.

This book will make you want to hug your girlfriends, travel the world, dance with a bull-fighter, and love the God she loves.

Most of all, it will invite you onto a journey of your own.

It will make you want to find healing in the parts of your life you thought would always be broken, confidence in yourself beyond anything you've experienced, and a life that’s more exciting than anything you could dream up on your own.

Grab a glass of wine and a cozy spot and settle in for a journey — because the end of Stephanie’s journey marks the beginning of your own.

About the Author

Stephanie May Wilson is an author, a blogger, and a speaker, writing about the things you’d talk about with your best friends late at night, in yoga pants, sitting on the kitchen counter, eating pizza straight out of the box. (Aren't those conversations the best?) You can find her blogging over at where she and her community of readers are navigating friendship, faith, relationships, and self-confidence. You can also find her over on Instagram, @SMayWilson.

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