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Breath 4 Air

Breath 4 Air by joel brown
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nonfiction Arts, Self-Improvement
For readers of:A. W. Tozer, Oral Roberts, Billy-Joe Daugherty, Joel Osteen, Oscar Wilde
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Print Length98 pages
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication DateSeptember 25, 2014
About the Book

'Out with the old, in with the new' Definition: Breath of fresh air (n.) - welcome relief; a change for the better. This book will take you on a journey of transparency, from broken thoughts that conformed with the world's point-of-view; to transformed thinking that aligns itself up with the Word of God. Through inspirational short-stories, encouraging quotes, motivational poems and talented lyrics as Joel Brown takes you inside of his heart and mind. My motive for this book is to use as part of my testimony to show that God can transform any life, help others to find freedom by the renewal of their mind and hope for change through the power of Jesus Christ. There's beauty in brokenness, and you can turn pain into a positive.


About the Author

I AM THEREFORE I MUST Paper writes when I think, this pen bleeds life out in ink. Create a world, set the scene and give it characters that speak. This platform is a voice that invites an audience into it, and leaves them believing that whatever you want to happen can happen. So what am I, a story. My name is Joel brown as I am an artist, therefore; I must tell a story through media and one medium that I love to tell stories through creative storytelling and the arts. My focus is to specialize in drama, television and film. I am a highly passionate individual/team player that is looking to fill a need in a position starting out as an Art Department Assistant within the field of TV/Film, with the eventual opportunity of progressive growth towards a career interest in the field of TV/Film as an Production Designer/Actor.

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