Mark Cornelison

Undressed: Taking Everything Off and Putting on What Matters Most

Undressed: Taking Everything Off and Putting on What Matters Most by Mark Cornelison
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Print Length164 pages
PublisherLucid Books
Publication DateJanuary 2014
About the Book

"Sometimes, just when you think life is going just the way you expect, things can change. What once was normal and acceptable is replaced by a sense that there is a better life to be lived, often in surprising ways. This describes Mark Cornelison, contestant on NBC s The Biggest Loser, before his life-changing experience on this popular show.Mark realized that the life he was living had to look different and he gave God the freedom to, not only change him physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. This new chance to live life brought with it a message that he knew could change other people in the way it had changed him.The world he had complicated with stuff, that we all think is important, was taken away one layer at a time. He was then clothed with a new, simple life. Now he shares the story and challenges you with what he has learned from the journey.Come see what needs to be taken off of you so that a better you can truly live."

About the Author

Mark is the founder of SweatCor ( and was a contestant on season 13 on The Biggest Loser. He is the author of UNDRESSED: Taking Everything Off and Putting on What Matters Most. He also travels to speak on wellness and to encourage others in their health journey.

Mark Cornelison wanted to go on The Biggest Loser because he was ready to make the life changes necessary to get healthy and hoped to give his “smokin’ hot wife a smokin’ hot husband!” He says a poor diet and lack of exercise led him to start gaining weight in high school. As a youth pastor of nearly 20 years, his weight had reached an all- time high and something had to be done.At 43 years old and 295 pounds, Mark suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux. As a pastor at the time, they both enjoyed doing volunteer work and leading mission trips, both of which were being significantly effected due to their weight. Mark knew it was time to make a life change when he began taking an anti-anxiety medication in efforts to deal with the side effects of his three other prescriptions. A married father of three – two sons and one daughter – Mark was cast as a contestant for The Biggest Loser in season 13 with their oldest son, Chism. After Mark left for the show, Cathy decided to make changes for herself so that the two of them could share this journey together. She began researching all she could about nutrition and healthy eating as well as developing a consistent exercise routine. By the time Mark returned, Cathy had lost 40 lbs. on her own and had created a home where healthy living was the norm.Mark returned over 100lbs lighter with a new life. He currently has no medical conditions to be monitored and has been removed from all of the medications he was taking before this experience. Besides being role models to their family; their greatest joy is now having the physical and mental ability to do and be anything Christ calls them to be. Since the show ended, they have traveled across the US to encourage others. In 2012, they founded SweatCor and now work to communicate hope and encouragement with students and adults alike in regards to ministry and health. Their SweatCor blog is ready by thousands every week and provides regular encouragement to focus on health but also a relationship with Jesus. Mark wrote of the amazing things God has taught them in his book, Undressed, and they have also written a 30 day devotional as well as a nutritional guide to motivate and help others the journey to health. They also have developed and seen great success with their Fit to Serve program which has been used by individuals as well as churches and schools across the country. This experience has deeply changed them and their family…and they still feel this is only the beginning.

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