Tam Hodge

For fans of:Anne Lamott, Bob Goff, Donald Miller, Jen Hatmaker

Born and raised in beautiful, sunny, Southern California, Tam never thought living somewhere other than near a beach was an option. As her teen years became more and more problematic she felt that leaving her surroundings would be the best decision. However, all she did was change her geographical location, she failed to change her choices that were causing the problems in the first place. Several years of poor decisions and risky moments that trapped her, holding her back in fear, makes the tale of her journey so beautiful. All those years have fashioned her story and created a heart in her to tell other women that they, too, have the power to choose life to the fullest.Tam currently lives in Franklin, TN with her husband Brent, of 23 years, and children Kassidi and Dakota, 20 & 18. Brent is the campus Pastor at Cross Point Church in Franklin, where they all serve together.