Terry Erle Clayton

Free Yourself from Anger

Free Yourself from Anger by Terry Erle Clayton
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For readers of:self-improvement, Thich Nhat Hanh, Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers , Carol Tavris, Victor Frankl
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Print Length80 pages
Publisherranscendent Publishing
Publication Date January 24, 2016
About the Book

Free Yourself from Anger offers two simple, easy-to-learn techniques for getting an immediate handle on your anger and two more for sustaining control over the long term (Ch 4). Chapter 5 is an easy to read summary of the physical damage anger does to your body and brain.

About the Author

Terry Erle is a psychologist with interests in cross-cultural communication, bilingualism and language teaching, the psychology of writing, and productive aging, a certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist, an avid student of neuroscience, and a combat epistemologist.

As an educator, Terry is working on a new approach to teaching/learning language called Body Talk: A brain-based approach. It's going to be a disruptive technology best summed up as, "Let's stop teaching English and start changing brains".

Terry is a writer with eclectic interests able to quickly assimilate vast amounts of new information quickly and has a black belt in linguistic judo.

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