Tyler Foran

Lawson City

Lawson City by Tyler Foran
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:Christopher Moore, Kevin Smith, Chuck Palahniuk, Robert Goolrich, Dennis Lehane
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Print Length285 pages
PublisherArgonia Publishing LTD
Publication Date11/28/2011
About the Book

On the streets of Lawson City, where violence and crime fills every pore,

the people that live there—whether they like it or not—rely on what

eyewitnesses can only describe as a “demon” as their protection. He

goes by the name of Venger, the city’s resident antihero who answers to

the corruption and suffering the city bears with often more violent action;

fighting fire with fire. But is this seemingly selfish vigilante doing more

harm than good?

Lawson City is an action-packed, fast paced novel full of surprises and

excitement around every corner.

About the Author

Tyler Foran was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. There he wrote lyrics and poetry, eventually starting a solo acoustic project called "burningtiresmell." He released one album entitled The Rearview shortly after relocating to Phoenix, AZ. The title song was in the top ten for several weeks on various internet radio stations.

Tyler took a break from music after playing his last show at The Rock in Tucson, AZ to focus more on writing. He originally developed the idea of a trilogy called the Lawson City Trilogy shortly after moving to Southern California, each of these three stories are separate from the other, taking place in the same fictional city, intertwining at different times through a complex timeline. The original idea grew and branched off with spin-off stories meant to connect all of those novels together The first book in the original series was released on November 29th, 2011; also titled Lawson City. The second novel in the series (Falling Home) was released on March 12, 2013. A special edition of Lawson City was released back on July 22nd, 2014, featuring two new chapters and character drawings.

Tyler has released two publications before the release of Lawson City, each are collections of poetry: "Reconditioned" is a collection of lyrics and poetry lied out in story form and "The Sun" is the first volume of a planned two part series. He recently released the second half of the two part series entitled "The Moon."

Tyler currently resides in New Hampshire.

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