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Financial Terms Dictionary - 100 Most Popular Terms Explained

Financial Terms Dictionary - 100 Most Popular Terms Explained by Thomas Herold
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nonfiction Business, Education
For readers of:Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramesey, James Rickards, Michael Maloney
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PublisherThomas Herold
Publication Date07.01.2017
About the Book

Understand Financial Terms - Make Better Financial Decisions
New 2020 updated edition with description for crypto-currency terms Bitcoin and Ethereum. This practical financial dictionary helps you understand and comprehend more than 100 most common financial terms. It was written with an emphasis to quickly grasp the context without using jargon.

Every financial term is explained in detail and includes also examples. It is based on common usage as practiced by financial professionals.

This Practical Financial 101 Guide Helps You Understand:
• Credit Report & Credit Scores
• Retirement Planning & Funding
• Mortgage & Real Estate
• Stocks & Investment Methods
• Income & Taxes
• Liabilities & Assets

Financial Terminology Made Simple
This book is useful if you are new to business and finance. It includes over 100 most popular financial terms for the business owner, investors, and entrepreneurs. It also covers the lingo that was introduced in the financial crisis of 2008.

With the alphabetical order, it makes it quick and easy to find what you are looking for.

Get Smart With The Financial Dictionary Series
Additional financial dictionaries are available in this series. Please also check out: Banking, Retirement, Corporate Finance, Economics, Investments, Laws & Regulations, Real Estate & Trading. Please click on the author link below the book title to see a list of other financial books.

About the Author

Thomas Herold is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, mediator, and personal development coach. He published 36 books with over 200,000 copies distributed worldwide and is the founder of seven online businesses.

He is the founder and CEO of the 'Financial Terms Dictionary' book series and website, which explains in detail and comprehensive form over 1000 financial terms. In his financial book series, he informs in detail and with practical examples all aspects of the financial sector. His educational materials are designed to help people get started with financial education.

In his 2018 released book 'The Money Deception', Mr. Herold provides the most sophisticated insight and shocking details about the current monetary system. Never before has the massive manipulation of money caused so much economic inequality in the world. In spite of these frightening facts, 'The Money Deception' also provides remarkable and simple solutions to create abundance for all people, and it's a must-read to survive the global monetary transformation that's underway right now.

In 2019 Thomas Herold released an entirely new financial book series explaining in detail and with practical examples financial terms. The 'Herold Financial IQ Series' includes 16 titles, covering every aspect and category of the financial market.

Starting with Personal Finance, Real Estate and Banking term. Covering Corporate Finance, Investment as well as Economics. It also includes Retirement, Trading, and Accounting terms. In addition, you'll find Debt, Bankruptcy, Mortgage, Small Business, and Wall Street terminology explained. Not to forget Laws & Regulations as well as important acronyms and abbreviations.

All books are available as Kindle and Paperback versions. By the end of 2019, all titles of the 'Herold Financial IQ Series' will also be available as Audio edition.

His latest book "High Credit Score Secrets" offers the most effective strategies to boost the average credit score from as low as 450 points to over 810. It teaches the tactics to build excellent credit, repair credit, monitor credit and how to guard that good score for a lifetime. It reached bestseller status in 2020 in three categories.

For more information please visit the author's websites:

High Credit Score Secrets - The Smart Raise & Repair Guide to Excellent Credit

The Money Deception - What Banks & Government Don't Want You to Know

Herold Financial IQ Series - Financial Education Is Your Best Investment

Online Financial Dictionary - Over 1000 Terms Explained

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