Bloodwitch by Timandra Whitecastle
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence, Bernard Cornwell
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PublisherTimandra Whitecastle
About the Book

They say blood is thicker than water. They're wrong.

An ancient priesthood recruited Jan from the parlours of Babuk. They said it was because she had talent at waterwielding. They'll live to regret it.

Jan survived something she shouldn't have. But she doesn't remember it clearly. Now they pry into her mind, and she cannot stop them.


Jan must learn how to control her own waterwielding gift, to defend herself from those who would reach within her and steal her very name and memories, and she must make a choice ... Who is she, really?




About the Author

Timandra is a self-confessed nerd with a passion. In the day, she’s an English and History teacher in a German public high school, and mother to two children. But at night, she whips out her cape and dagger and transforms into a grimdark fantasy writer with a mission to subvert epic fantasy tropes.

Her debut novel Touch of Iron was released in May 2016. On the Wheel is the second book in the Living Blade series.

Tim has never bothered to get a life because she feels like she’s been trying to lead three different ones already – and, yes, she totally stole that line from Terry Pratchett.

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