T.L. Mumley

Masks of Morality

Masks of Morality by T.L. Mumley
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fiction Fiction, Politics
For readers of:Fiction, Realistic Fiction, George Orwell, Joseph Heller, Lois Lowry
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Print Length266 pages
Publication DateMay 5, 2017
About the Book

Caryssa climbs the corporate ladder of Silicon Valley, driven by power and money. The tech-hub capital is in the palm of her hands, until she brings a child into the world and nothing is about herself anymore. She sees the techno-crazed connection to modern society becoming like that dystopian sci-fi played out in the movies. Surrounded by parents turning inward to truth and empathy, each are faced with thorny moral choices while attempting to positively impact lives. They find themselves trying to balance out the reality and spiritual costs of American politics. For Parisian artist Anna, this means opening her heart to the boy who fatally struck her daughter in a skateboarding accident. Echoed along the way is a startling awareness of a harsh culture of irrelevant revenge---ours--- mindlessly threatening to squander all that is dear to us. Behind the cultural culprits lurk the politicians, business and religious leaders wearing deceiving character masks of noble cause.

This culture shock sends the parents on a stirring of their collective conscience, bringing them to understand the ache of late America. It motivates them to take positive action for the greater good and secure a better future for all that matters most---especially their children.

And how might a baffling bloody dove found behind a Sausalito art gallery possibly be symbolic of secret society behind a spread of tyranny, away from world peace?

About the Author

T.L. Mumley (born Terri Lynn Sullivan) is a former senior marketing analyst in Silicon Valley, a mother, wife and happy homebody. She holds an AS in Fashion Merchandising from Lasell, a Bachelors of Arts from MCLA and an MBA from Northeastern, with a twenty-year history in high-tech marketing and sales. An optimist at heart, she went on a personal crusade of community service and marketing for the greater good, often in her PJs from home office.

To spice up a decade of writing marketing content in tech magazines, she became a novelist with her debut Masks of Morality. She has also published a dozen articles online surrounding social justice, which seemed to mysteriously disappear within the cyber hole she writes about.

Fueled by dark chocolate and good red wine, she can be found skiing and hiking mountains, walking, reading or doing a downward facing dog while gardening.

Although she will always be a Bostonian at heart, she lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and son.

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