Todd Damotte

For fans of:Children's Literature, Calvin & Hobbes, Shel Silverstein, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman

When adventure awaits around every corner, it can keep you really busy. Todd Damotte is very busy keeping up with his imaginative character, Andey Andy Jones. Todd is a graphic designer, videographer, illustrator, performance artist, speaker and now an author. Growing up with a pencil in hand searching for paper in which to draw, doodle and sketch his ideas onto, Todd has art in his blood. Growing up with an overactive imagination that took him on many wild and amazing adventures of his own, this mindset was only reenforced when his own son displayed the same creative tendencies. This is how Andey came to life!

Mixed media is Todd’s favorite format of creating. Whether it’s paint and ink, found object and polyurethane, or illustration and video, he likes to find combinations that bring out each medium’s strength. With this new endeavor of crafting a children’s book, he has taken illustration and writing and combined them into an engaging piece of art.