Tom Meitner

For fans of:Joshua Becker, Hal Elrod, Steven Pressfield, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell

Tom Meitner is a father and husband who lives in Wisconsin. Since being evicted and living below the poverty line after graduating college, he has been able to build a successful copywriting business. His secret? Going "off script" and figuring out a way to live his life that works. Instead of following the path everyone else had in front of them, he took small steps towards building the life that he wanted.

Instead of sitting back and bragging about how awesome his life is, he wants to help other people do the same. As he writes on his website and in his books, he's not special or smarter or more "connected". He's a regular dude that just took steps that most people are ignoring.

Go off script. Figure out what works for you. And you can fix all the things that aren't working in your life.