Tony Wong

For fans of:Seth Godin, Richard N. Bolles, Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen Covey, Lindsey Pollak

Tony Wong spent 27 years in corporate America starting out as a young cow in the herd and eventually moooved towards the front of the herd in Director level positions at several Fortune 150 companies that includes NCR, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Motorola/Printrak, Gateway Computer, Black & Decker, Firmgreen, and 3M. All along Tony was just consumed with earning a living and providing for his family, like most people who are working in an organization. Never did he take notice of all the insight he learned….until a couple of years ago when circumstances allowed him to realize most people working in the corporate world do not or have not learned what it takes to mooove ahead, soooner. His 20 something year old daughter, nieces, and nephews began working and he noticed they were floundering at their career just like the college grads and MBA interns he interviewed and hired. It became apparent to Tony that many (perhaps most) young people don’t have guidance or they are too busy to notice. Moreover, the information is not readily available (Tony learned firsthand it’s not easy to write a book and can see why there hasn’t been more successful corporate mooovers documenting their operational tips and wisdom). Tony’s goal for the book and related revenue is to donate every penny to charities he will be partnering with. Why? Because “it’s good to help kids, pets, and cure cancer”. They need the money more than I do. I hope the book helps you and in turn you’ll be helping others.