jeffrey brown

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(Jeffrey Brown/Tsujigo+Ink) creator of the web comic the Valkyrie Quartet .

not to be confused with the Popular Indie Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown who written and drew the Amazing Change Bots .

( Hence why I use my pen name Tsujigo+Ink )

I am just your average self taught , unpublished artist who is over worked and under paid , I live In the sunshine state of Florida in the middle of nowhere ( that is Live Oak ) . I work part time at the local family restaurant during the week and draw comics on my day off or when ever I can get some free time to put it more clearly . in essence I am a unknown web cartoonist with weird and sometimes interesting ideals . ( sometimes my very best and sometimes my very worse either way I am doing what I love and no one can take it away from me ) and I enjoy every minute of it .