Vincent Trigili

The Enemy of an Enemy

The Enemy of an Enemy by Vincent Trigili
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Science Fiction and Fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien, Star Wars
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Print Length266
PublisherVincent Trigili
Publication Date11/11/2010
About the Book

Vydor was on a fast track to the highest-ranking position in the Imperial Navy’s security forces and was recently assigned to the senior staff of the flagship of the Navy, the Dragon Claw. All he wanted to do his entire life was to serve his god, the Emperor, and given his phenomenal performance during his training in the Naval Academy, it seemed he would be able to do just that. Everything seemed to be going his way, until the Dragon Claw and its massive command fleet was sent on a rather unusual assignment to investigate a minor incident deep within the Empire’s space. That one event would start Vydor down a path filled with fantastically powerful enemies and extraordinary friends that would obliterate everything he ever understood to be true and threaten the very foundations of the Empire itself.

The Lost Tales of Power is an open-ended series of Science-Fantasy books set in a vast multiverse. This is volume one in an on going series that currently has five books, with the six planned to be released in 2014.

Lost Tales Series:

Volume I - The Enemy of an Enemy

Volume II - The Academy

Volume III - Rise of Shadows

Volume IV - Resurgence of Ancient Darkness

Volume V - The Sac’a’rith

Volume VI - Spectra’s Gambit (Coming Soon)

Volume VII - TBA


The First Quartet - contains the complete text of volumes 1 through 4.

About the Author

Vincent, father and husband of nearly two decades, holds degrees in both Math and Computer Science. In addition, he has published an astronomy journal and anchored popular blogs, along with publishing numerous articles, poetry and other works.

He got his start in writing fiction as a small child, losing himself in the worlds he dreamed up in order to escape the doldrums of normal life. Now, using his formal education and extensive career experience, he excels in creating fictional worlds of depth and rich fantasy, while maintaining a foundation of reality based on science and technology.

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