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BePerfectly Imperfect - SAMPLE 4 CHAPTERS

BePerfectly Imperfect - SAMPLE 4 CHAPTERS by Vyoma Nupur
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About the Book

“Be Perfectly Imperfect” is a collection of 41 two-minute reads designed to communicate a short and pertinent message of inspiration to the reader, without becoming too long-winded. Though the topics of the short essays are varied, they all gel into a common theme of how to live a better and joyful life – with love, laughter and chasing your dreams to fruition. They encourage self-discovery and contentment, displaying the author’s personal views and experiences and attempt to inculcate an appreciation of the lighter side of life. Essays include “ Be Perfectly Imperfect”, “You Become What You Think”, “ The Art of Letting Go”, that encourage us to monitor our thoughts more, learn how to let go of the negativity we collect and become more spontaneous in our life, releasing any judgmental attitudes we may hold toward others.

Essays such as “Labels Are For Milk Bottles, Not People” elucidate the value of accepting people, as they are – multidimensional beings of different shades – and not trying to package them in neatly labeled simplistic personality models. Life is about being fearless and living each day more consciously. Life is about looking inward into our hearts and finding peace there. “Life is Breaching the Fearsome Walls of What-Ifs” and “Life Is A Symphony of Silence” are opening oneself to the inner possibilities of fearlessness and moving beyond the outer and inner chatter to a state of profound peace and silence. How to be much happier in our daily lives, making it richer by embracing the small jewels of priceless moments that happen and laughing open heartedly – are the central themes of “The Recipe For Happiness Is Not Gourmet”, “Laughing With Life” and “Little Things Matter The Most”. “Why Am I Here, Again” and “ Am I Good Enough?” are about reflective self-understanding. Whatever I feel has flown from my heart onto these pages, spontaneously in a sometimes serious, sometimes quirky way – culminating into these short writings. This book has a voice that is conversational and blog-like. It invites the reader to participate back with their views. It draws examples from their daily life. The examples and feelings can be related to, by everyone, whichever cultural orientation or nationality they may belong to. There are dashes of whimsical reflection; poetic hope, introspective musing, humor and a serious vein all together varying from essay to essay.

About the Author

Vyoma Nupur is a former journalist , who now works for corporate entities in the United States in the roles of marketing, business development and vendor relations.

Since childhood she has been a keen reader who believes that books are the true treasures of this world. Her childhood was spent delving into the fantastic make believe worlds of Enid Blyton stories among many others, that also generated a deep love for writing her own tales. Growing up she contributed poetry regularly and got published in child-oriented magazines.

During her teenage years in India, she was attracted to the profession of journalism that combined her love for writing with socio-political reporting. While pursuing her Bachelors Honors in History and later her Masters degree in International Relations, Vyoma also joined post graduate studies in Journalism from a renowned institute run by the Times of India group, a national newspaper in India. Thereafter she wrote editorial content for Indian newspapers like the Pioneer on issues such as the plight of women prisoners based on her first hand conversations with these women as well as writing copy for the Indian subsidiary of Dow Jones newswires.

Her Masters thesis dealt with the evergreen issue of child labor in south-east Asia. Vyoma completed an additional Masters (MBA) degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in the United States. Growing up on a diet of Indian mythology tales coupled with travels to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and various countries in Asia, Europe and within the US - being exposed to their rich history, culture and the uniqueness of people, has forever inspired Vyoma to express herself more and more via the written word through her short stories.

Vyoma writes widely on the power of happiness, love, laughter and the compelling flow and ebb of human emotions that make life a unique and vastly inspiring journey. She contributes regularly to Thought Catalog, an online magazine for millennials. She is also one of the fantastic core editorial team of Medium.com’s The Coffeelicious online publication, now liked and read by 90,000 + followers. Vyoma has just completed a new book “Be Perfectly Imperfect’ available for pre-order on her website: http://beperfectly-imperfect.com

Vyoma is now hosting a radio internet show called Perfectly Imperfect on RealRevolutionRadio.com. She interviews mystics, authors, healers, consultants, energy workers, marketers, CEOs and people from all areas of life to see how the imperfection of experiences contributes to creating the perfect life.

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