William Bowden

For fans of:Philip K. Dick, Greg Bear, Peter F. Hamilton, Rpbert Heinlein, Larry Niven

Ruler of an unruly garden, technologist, and science fiction author.

William grew up on a small farm in Devon, England. But rather than a rural life in agriculture he took to engineering and started out in the aerospace industry.

A number of tech companies, and a couple of decades later, and he’s back in the countryside near the city of Bristol, next door to a farm, and dividing his time between technology, a garden, and science fiction.

Aldiss, Heinlein, Simak, Clarke, Niven, Asimov, van Vogt…these were the staples of his youth, devoured in volume, with the likes of Greg Bear being major influences in later years.

Doing it himself started by way of the screenwriting competitions of North America, with some success in the Nicholl Fellowships, Big Break, PAGE International, and others.

But down that route lies the greatest of mountains to climb. No less difficult, but with more opportunities, self-publishing finally provided a way to get out there.