Shawn Richison

For fans of:historical fantasy, Guy Gavriel Kay, TH White, Susan Cooper, Louise Erdich

Shawn Richison is a Comicbook and Graphic Novel Artist, a Cartoonist, a Writer, a Penciler, an Inker, a Letterer, a Colourist, a Concept Artist, a Graphic Designer, an Illustrator, a Storyboard Artist and a home-schooled Web Designer.

Shawn's first professionally published work, the graphic novel Drive, proved to be an incredible learning experience and Shawn has continued to grow as an artist with every subsequent project.

Shawn's notable works to date includeThe Book of Jesse, (ThirdPartyPolitics, LLC), A Trip to Rundberg, written by Nate Southard, (Frequency Press), Against the Wall, written by Dino Caruso, (Caruso Comics) and One Last Song, written by CJ Hurtt, (Brainscan Studios).

In addition to his upcoming solo graphic novel Legend of the Sunset People, Shawn is continuing to persue logo design and other illustration work. He is loves to experiment with subject matter, form and style and is an avid collaborator.Shawn lives with his wife and their two cats up on the mountain in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.