Zane Safrit

For fans of:Stephen Lynch, Jill Konrath, Chuck Blakeman, John Hagel, Kevin Allen

I led a small company, post-911, through two economic downturns, and an industry whose prices fell by more than 70%, reaching 80% revenue growth while keeping cash-flows positive during this same time period.

We were able to reach these goals by creating an engaged employee group, topgrading each employee to insure we had A+ players, creating a single-minded focus on creating customer evangelists.

Before that I opened an overseas office for a US telecom provider. 6 months later we had tripled our new orders and doubled our revenues.

I host a radio show focusing on leadership, innovation, customer service, employee engagement ... all the things that help a company survive. I share higlights from each guest's wisdom, solutions, and resources. You can read them here.

My book, Recognize THEM: 52 Ways to Recognize Your Employees In Ways They Value is available. Readers keep sharing good reviews.

I wrote guest posts for Small Business Trends organized by Anita Campbell and as the title says focuses on Small Business Trends and AMEX Open Forum. My first post there was titled Small Business: Tear Down Those Walls.

I'm always happy to discuss solutions and challenges with business, startups, hiring, motivating, the use of social media to create engaged employees and customer evangelists.

I'd be happy to discuss how we could work together to bring my expertise from my experience and help you reach your goals faster.