Great Lake Swimmers

For fans of:Wilco, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket
While the city of Toronto was busy battling against the wind, snow and all around miserable conditions that keep residents firmly indoors as often as possible, the Great Lake Swimmers decided to hunker down to play in one of their country's most esteemed locations, a Royal Canadian Legion Pub. Soon dubbed "The Legion Sessions", GLS chose the hallowed local inn-which to capture live, many of the new songs from their album Lost Channels. The group enlisted the help of gifted young director Scott Cudmore to create a raw and intimate window into the subtle power of the group's sound. On board capturing the music resonating within these cozy surroundings was none other than Graham Walsh from the experimental electronic group Holy F**k. Proceeds from the Tip Jar will be donated to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper