John McKenna

For fans of:David Gray, Elliot Smith, Wilco, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys
It hurts to be lonely So I keep on the move Don’t want to feel the damage So I find an excuse I’ve got these arrows Buried deep in my chest I want to be known But I’m hiding again So starts “Need You Now,” one of the songs from the first official recording of the John McKenna Band. John McKenna has been on the move, writing and recording, for a long time. From his first low budget cassette, (I seem to remember something about two guitars and a short guy?), he moved on to his collaboration with Nick Nave and quintessential 90s jangly folk-rock band called Huckleberry. “Silver Sword” and “Stapleton Park” gave us a glimpse of things to come. (By the way, you can still buy these at cdbaby). Although the production was rough, it never seemed to matter because the songs were so good. McKenna wandered, a few more projects, more songs, more places. read more at...