A B & the Sea

Daytrotter Session - Jan 18, 2013

Jan 18, 2013 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by A B & the Sea
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Bone Dry
  3. Yellow Haird Girl
  4. Down And Around
  5. In And Out
"Constant Vacation," the latest record from San Francisco band AB & The Sea is a document of folks at a certain age in their lives, where the shine is beginning to dull, but they're going to fight it. They think that there might still be a way to keep it around for a while longer. Part of this desire for a continuance of these days that they've grown to love is for the simplicity that was found in them.

There's a bit of a laziness, a sitting around the pool feeling that the young men in these songs are hoping to hold onto for as long as they possibly can. Nothing's getting any easier. More is being asked of them and it's hitting like a ton of bricks. Love's unkind, they've found. It can also be pretty spectacular, when tongues are held right. These are people who are not being held responsible for too much just yet, but they feel that changing. They're trying to remain as carefree and irresponsible as they possibly can be, for as long as they can manage it.

They're able to mess around. They're able to sleep in and they're able to ask for forgiveness, instead of asking for permission and it works, most of the time. Their eyes are bigger than their stomach, as they're attracted to so many and they'd prefer to stay outside in the sunshine for the greater parts of their days, not wasting themselves away. They are young and dreaming their shit away. It's all they want to do. They want to get mixed up in the sweetest distractions. They'd prefer to be preoccupied than to be anything other. They will take the risks involved with juggling girlfriends and hook-ups, singing, "It's been fun living with you in misery/It's been fun running around with her."

They dream of California and vacations, even though they're already there in California and they're already taking one of those vacations. Sometimes, you can just never have enough of a good thing, as these melodious chronicles of the young, sunburned wayfarers are evidence.